Live in Caregiver

The Live-In Caregiver program is granted by the government of Canada and it has three Categories:

  1. as a provider of special needs,
  2. elder care 
  3. child care

Caregivers who come to Canada are eligible to apply for Permanent Resident status(PR) after they have worked for a minimum of two years within four years of their arrival to Canada(plus 3 months).


  • High school diploma: You must have completed the equivalent of high school education. Since there is a little bit of difference in school systems across Canada, it is relatively impossible to give a specific number of years. In most of the provinces in Canada, it takes 12 years to be able to obtain a Canadian high school diploma.
  • Need 6 months full-time training, or 12 months full-time employment as a similar employment i.e. Live-in Caregiver. To be able to claim this, you must have worked for a year including at least 6 months of nonstop employment to what you will do as a live-in caregiver. To claim this training, you must have done full-time training in a classroom setting. The areas to have being studied include geriatric care, paediatric nursing or childhood education.
  • Needs “basic” English of French: You must be able to understand, speak and write either English or French so that you would be able to communicate effectively in your employer’s home. This criteria is very important because you would also need to be able to read and understand your rights and obligations.
  • Need a job offer from your employer: You must sign a written employment contract with your future employer. This signed contract is to be submitted with your work permit application.

"Please be advised this is a general information and each category has different requirements".

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