Temporary Residents

Visit, Educate or Work in Canada

 Visitor Visas: Our qualified Consultant assists you to prepare and submit your appli-cation to visit Canada for pleasure or busi-ness purposes . Also, we are able to extend or change your temporary residency status.

 Study Permit: Our expertise Consultant helps you for all student services such as study permit, extend study permit or after graduation stays in Canada under Canadian experience class. In addition, our Profes-sional Education counselors to give advise & guide you to your best options.

 Work Permits: In order to In order to work in Canada on a temporary basis, most foreign workers require a work permit. We are able to assist you for Labour Market Im-pact Assessment, if necessary, Employer ex-tends Temporary job offer, Foreign worker applies for Temporary work permit, Work permit issued or apply for Canadian Experi-ence class through to Federal Skilled Worker or Provincial Nominee Program.

CETI Immigration Consultants is the Pathway for your Future!

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