Avoid Being a Victim of Immigration Fraud

Tips to Avoid Being a Victim of Immigration Fraud

Immigration fraud is a major problem world-wide; individuals holding themselves out to be legal representatives for people to assist them with their immigration applications.

There are several advises to protect yourself from Immigration frauds as follows:

  1. If the person is legally allowed to represent you, they should
    have a license. Before signing any retainer agreement please asking them to provide you their license, the name of society and the contact information of society. All legal representatives are responsible to provide their professional license in their websites, marketing promotions and legal agreements.
  2. Check the representative through online and make sure the person is a good standing member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council or Law Society.
  3. None of Legal Representative can guarantee your visa, which is not under their control. Only the officers of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship of Canada can decide whether or not to issue a visa.
  4. Never work with representative who advise you to submit fake or false documents  .Be aware misrepresentation is your responsibilities and it is a serious crime to misrepresent yourself by making false statements or submitting false documents when dealing with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship of Canada. If you do this, your application will be rejected. You will also face serious penalties. Depending on the situation, these may include:
    • no entry into Canada for at least five years;
    • a permanent record of fraud in CIC’s database;
    • revocation of your permanent resident status or Canadian citizenship;
    • being charged with a crime; or
    • removal from Canada.

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